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Brahmi oil is a herb infusion of the Brahmi herb in any base oil. Actually, there are two herbs which are known as Brahmi. Generally both of them are used to make this herbal oil. Brahmi oil has been used since ancient times to boost hair growth. It is also a nervous tonic for the brain and the nervous system when massaged onto the scalp. Brahmi oil offers many powerful health benefits.

Brahmi oil possesses the therapeutic properties of the base oil and the healing properties of Brahmi herbs. This makes it quite powerful.

  • Anti-pyretic – alleviates a fever. 
  • Anti-inflammatory – lowers inflammation.
  • Sedative – creates a soothing effect that sedates a person.
  • Antiepileptic– reduces epileptic seizures.
  • Anxiolytic – reduces anxiety.
  • Nootropic – improves the memory retention capacity of the brain. 
  • Antioxidant – herb infused oil has high antioxidant capacity.
  • Astringent – causes shrinking and tightening of skin.
  • Analgesic – alleviates pain.
  • Anti-asthma – relieves asthma symptoms. 
  • Carminative – promotes expulsion of gas from the body.
  • Neuroprotective – the herb Bacopa Monnieri and its herbal oil lowers neural degeneration. 
  • Anti-Ulcer – It soothes an ulcer.
  • Antimicrobial – Brahmi herb exerts antimicrobial effects against some species of bacteria and viruses.
  • Because of its healing properties, Brahmi oil can be used in a number of health conditions.

    1. As a Hair Oil

    Brahmi oil is one of the best natural remedies for slow hair growth and other hair conditions[7]. It can be applied directly on the hair as a leave in conditioner, or as a hot oil scalp massage. When this oil is applied, it cools the scalp and provides relief from itching and irritation. It soothes the scalp and improves the condition of hair in a few weeks.

    • It prevents hair fall. Regular application of Brahmi oil can boost hair growth. This is helpful for people who want to accelerate their hair growth.
    • It prevents premature greying of hair, especially in combination with Amla.
    • It strengthens hair roots by providing them nutrition and antioxidant protection from free radicals.
    • Reduces dandruff and flakiness on scalp.

    2. As a Natural Sleep Remedy

    People who are unable to sleep or suffer from insomnia can get relief by using this oil. There are two ways to use Brahmi oil to induce sleep.

    • Add few drops of Brahmi essential oil to bath water and take a warm water bath.
    • Massage the scalp with warm Brahmi oil. Continue the scalp massage for about 10 minutes to experience a sleepy, relaxed state of the body.

    3. Calms Anxiety

    Brahmi essential oil can be used to calm anxiety. It can be diffused in the air inside using a vaporizer or an oil burner. Alternatively, one can deeply inhale brahmi essential oil to relieve anxious feelings.

4. Treat an Ulcer

The herb Bacopa monnieri has the ability to relieve a mouth ulcer. If an ulcer breaks out, apply a small amount of brahmi oil on it. This oil protects it from the sting caused by food and also promotes healing of the ulcer.

5. Scalp Massage Health Benefits

A scalp massage using Brahmi oil has many more health benefits than just for the hair.

  • It reduces stress and mental exhaustion.
  • It promotes sleep.
  • It improves concentration and memory power. The person is able to remember much more information. It can help adults deal with memory related conditions like dementia.
  • It alleviates epilepsy. Regular massage with this oil tones the nerves and the brain. Frequency of epileptic seizures are reduced.

6. Joint Pain Relief

Brahmi oil is strongly anti-inflammatory. One can apply it to alleviate pain and inflammation in a joint, or in other parts of the body. One can massage it to alleviate common pains like joint pain, back pain, headache and the like. It also has an analgesic effect which provides temporary relief from pain.

7. Alzheimer’s disease

Brahmi herb has shown promise in Alzheimer’s disease as it boosts cognitive function. However, it is not certain whether the simple technique of scalp massage can provide this health benefit.

8. Be Alert when needed

Brahmi herb boosts blood flow to the brain. This is a long term process in which the brain regularly gets more blood supply when Brahmi oil is massaged. Although the oil induces a calming sensation during the scalp massage, it improves the alertness of the person during the day, or when needed.

9. Abdominal Massage

Applying brahmi oil on the abdomen can help a person pass intestinal gas. This alleviates gas pain, indigestion and upset stomach.


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