Aromatherapy constitutes an essential segment in Alternative treatments. Such alternative treatments are offered in therapeutic practices that cover the era of massage centers, SPAs and yoga studios. Practicing on this method involves utilization of fragrant and aromatic essential oils derived from various medicinal plants. These oils for Aromatherapy form a complex of medicinal plants. Flowers, herbs, roots and trees are used in making these oils. The constituent herbs have proved their ability in bringing recoupment from physical, emotional and spiritual stresses.

Ingredients of Aromatherapy : The prone to Aromatherapy lies in the use of kindled essential oils, which are:

  • Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano and Peppermint herbal plants
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Lemongrass
  • Fennel seeds
  • Zest from orange, grapes and lemon
  • Rose or Geranium flowers

Utilization of Essential Oils: Beneficial chemicals form part of certain plants that help the tree in protecting themselves from insects. These chemicals also help as a defense against bacteria. The active ingredients are captured from the plant through distillation process. Mixing with alcohol has helped them to preserve strength. A high concentration oily ingredients are formed which is mixed with some other substances. Due to excessive strength, these oils are combined with carrier oil, e.g. almond, jojoba or coconut oil, before direct application to skin.

Application of Aromatherapy: Functionalism of Aromatherapy can be a synopsis of the following practices. The mentioned ones can also be applied directly.
    Forming a mix of essential oils and diffuse it into air
    Any single piece can also be put to similar application
    Oils are inhaled into the nostrils from the container
    Adopting the method of oil-infused bath
    Oils are rubbed directly on skin

Oil candles are used for home utilization. People prefer to apply natural product containing oils to skin or as an ingredient to a soaking bath.

Important Essential Oils

  • Lavender : Best identified with the exquisite fragrance that has a dash of sweetness. The smell is amazing. People identify this oil as one of the most versatile oils. It is adorned for the unique calming effect that gives out great relief from anxiety. Can be used as an antiseptic in minor burns, insect bites and stings. The therapeutic property has made this oil an antidote for muscle and joint pain too.
  • Peppermint : This herb has been utilized in relieving a consort of health problems. The ingenuous aroma of Menthol enhances mental alertness. Best herbal balm in relieving headache issues for rest of the life. Peppermint can also be used to treat muscle soreness. Such application entails diluting with carrier oil like grape seed oil. Used as a SPA associate for its capacity to provide relief from congestion, migraines and digestive problems
  • Eucalyptus : This oil has been especially chosen for its natural property of hindering bacteria, fungus, microbes, viruses and inflammation. The use of this herb in beauty aid practices ensures no-growth of any allergens and mites into our body. Fresh and clean aroma has been helpful in resisting respiratory problems like cold, cough, asthma and congestion. It is a proven antiseptic against wounds and cuts. Its fine lined aroma will also help in relieving from mental exhaustion. Best skin care property has made this a unique choice in SPAs and beauty treatments. Can be used in muscle pain and caring of gums too.
  • Lemon : Lemon peels are automatic choices for beauty treatment. The superior refreshing scent is helpful in getting rid of bad vibes. The result is mind freshness that increases awareness and concentration. Lemons have antiseptic and antifungal properties. Thus, use of lemon helps to conquer mites. Used in healing cuts too. Open wounds are best healed by use of Lemons. Such properties have made it an automatic choice for SPA treats.
  • Tea Tree : This herb has basic astringent properties and can be used for alleviation of oily secretions from body. Oily face and scalp issues are treated best vide application of this oil. The turpine content soothes minor irritations too. This oil is required to apply while shampooing to get a squeaky clean scalp.

Benefits of Aromatherapy :

  • Massage with essential oils causes an improved blood circulation
  • Use of Aromatherapy acts in stimulation of muscles. Stimulated muscles exhales activity regime within a person
  • Oils like Peppermint and Eucalyptus is highly cognitive for reducing stress level
  • Lavender acts best in getting relief from tension and oust the root of headache problems
  • Use of Lavender oils in Aromatherapy boost up mental state and body hype.
  • Best antidote for getting relief against migraine, cramp, spasm and other therapeutic diseases
  • Provides relief from asthma, cough. Cold and related symptoms.
  • Anxiety is also relieved from usage of Peppermint, Lavender and Tea Tree
  • The use of combined aromatic oils acts in improvement of immunity as limbic system is stimulated and toxins are released
  • Best kind of support improves healing process and body also is sustained with additional power
  • Overall circulation process is enthused with the combination of mint and rosemary.

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